Lisa Farley

My goal as an acupuncture and a zero balancing practitioner is to work in partnership with you as you journey toward wellness.

Would you like to:

  • experience relief from stress, pain or seasonal allergies?
  • have more energy?
  • reduce your frequency of illness and recover more quickly?
  • improve your sleep? improve your digestion? improve your fertility?

These are all results that my patients report on a regular basis. See my FAQ page for a complete list of conditions for which acupuncture has been found to be an effective treatment.

To learn more about how acupuncture and/or Zero Balancing can benefit you, contact me and schedule a complimentary consultation. Acupressure sessions are also available.



For over 2000 years Acupuncture has helped patients alleviate pain and treat various physical, mental and emotional conditions. It is gentle and effective, designed to help the mind, body and spirit to become a balanced unit to promote wellness. Each

Zero Balancing

Developed in the 1970s by Fritz Frederick Smith, MD, Zero Balancing is a powerful body-mind therapy that uses skilled touch to boost well-being and balance the relationships between the body’s energy and the body’s physical structure. Zero Balancing amplifies feelings


Lifestyle plays an important role in wellness. The body can only work with the materials we give it. During the course of treatment we will look at diet, hydration, breathing, body movement, relaxation, and living in harmony with the seasons

Seasonal Health

Your Health and the Seasons

              In 2,000 B.C., the Chinese wrote about the specific connections between health and the seasons.  Today, we can use that knowledge to stay healthy — to prevent illness and help heal ourselves. To...

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Moving into Summer

  “The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson       Summer Summer is a time of lush growth and maturation. Under the warmth of the sun, the buds of spring open to flowers which produce fruit. This...

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Is Acupuncture right for you?

Complimentary consultations are available to discuss treatment options and how they can help you in your journey to wellness.

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