Cabbage Can Relieve Knee Pain

I’ll grant you it does sound odd, and a cabbage poultice applied to the knee or knees can help relieve knee pain.

One of my teachers mentioned this in class one day (apparently this is an old folk remedy), and I tried it the next time I overdid working out in the garden. I couldn’t believe the it difference it made.

I even found a recent article in the Clinical Journal of Pain about a research study that supports this effectiveness.

How to Make a Cabbage Wrap

  1. Take a cabbage leaf and dip it in boiling water.
  2. Let cool until warm to the touch.
  3. Wrap around the affected knee.
  4. Wrap with an ace bandage.
  5. Leave on a while. I like to do this at night before I go to bed.
  6. Remove the cabbage leaf and feel better.

I haven’t tried this on any other body part, and my guess is that this technique would work on any joint. If you try it, let me know how it works for you.