Below are 7 items that I have in a small grab and go case in my house and in my car

 (in addition to a bottle of water, band aids, a clean needle, and tweezers).

1. Clean Well alcohol-free hand sanitizer

2.  Arnica montana and arnica gel 

When someone falls, gets kicked, etc. I immediately have the person put arnica montana pellets under his tongue and repeat 15 minutes later. If the skin is not broken, I also apply arnica gel topically. This quick action has saved my daughters a bruise many a time, or at least minimized them.

3.  Similasan Complete Eye Relief eye drops

for irritation, grittiness, redness, burning, watering, dryness. I use these as an eye wash or to relieve eye discomfort.

4. Calendula gel
Use topically on shallow wounds such as scrapes and paper cuts. Calendula gel helps knit the layers of skin back together. To use, clean wound and apply a thin layer a few times a day. You can squeeze a small amount on a band aid and then place the band aid over the cut or scrape. Calendula gel is also good to rub into hands after gardening or working on the car when you have little cuts on your skin.

5-7. For bug bites and stings:
Ssssting Stop Insect Gel – Apply topically to help relieve itching, pain and redness resulting from insect bites and stings. This gel also soothes fever blisters and cold sores. 

Apis mellifica – Use if a bite or bee sting causes puffy, tender swelling that is pink or red and hot to the touch, the area stings and burns, and cold applications bring relief. 

Ledum palustre – Use when swelling extends some distance from the bite, often with a bluish tinge, a feeling of cold and numbness, and aching pain; and when the swollen part seems cold, but the application of cold brings relief. 

Apis and ledum are homeopathic remedies. As soon as possible after the bite/sting pellets should be placed under the tongue to melt; repeat 15 – 30 minutes later. And of course the area should be cleaned topically.


Contact me if you have questions or are looking for further suggestions.